Case Study: Why a Certified Tree Worker Credential is Necessary

Proper Tree Worker Procedures
One way to advance the climbing line.

This recently happened. However, it's a recurring problem for the Urban Tree Care Industry.

A tree worker fell and was seriously injured. His fall was created by his own carelessness in using his climbing lines when pruning a tree.

The injured tree worker filed a lawsuit against his employer's company. Furthermore, this unfortunate situation involved an OSHA and insurance investigation.

The lawsuit, OSHA investigation, and insurance investigation were all dropped/excused based on the fact the tree worker:

  1. Recently completed the certified tree worker course. They also reviewed class topics, class attendance, and the course certificate of completion.
  2. The next item reviewed was his completion and passing of the WC International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Worker Exam.
  3. The Tree Climber's Guide Book by ISA was given to each student and used in the class. This was most helpful to all investigators.

Again, all aspects of this case were dismissed. It came down to the tree worker's carelessness.

A recent tree care industry study by Dr. John Ball of ISA indicates the tree care industry is rated one of the five (5) most hazardous industries in America. However, a well-trained tree worker who follows all the established safety standards and procedures can work safely and efficiently in a tree.

The message is, you cannot afford to not train your employees or yourself.